Zebra 105SL, 105SE, 160S, XiII, XiIII, XiIII+ Rewind Belt (203dpi, 300dpi) - 45189-2

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Zebra, Belt, 45189-2, Zebra Printer(s): 105SL, 105SE, 160S, XiII, XiIII, XiIII+
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Product Description

Zebra Rewind Belt for use in the Zebra XiIII+, XiIII, XiII, 105SL, 105SE, 105S and 160S Printers. (203/300dpi)

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The Zebra 45189-2 is also known as ZEB -451892 or 451892

Genuine Zebra Belts - Factory Sealed.
All 45189-2 - 105SL, 105SE, 160S, XiII, XiIII, XiIII+ Rewind Belt (203dpi, 300dpi) are guaranteed as genuine Zebra Belts. ThermalPrinterSupplies.com sources directly from Zebra Technologies. You will never receive any substitute or replacement Belts when you order from us. 100% brand new, unopened, genuine Zebra Belts!

Our Inventory is the Best! - 105SL, 105SE, 160S, XiII, XiIII, XiIII+ Rewind Belt (203dpi, 300dpi) - 45189-2
If we don't have 105SL, 105SE, 160S, XiII, XiIII, XiIII+ Rewind Belt (203dpi, 300dpi) - 45189-2, it is likely none of our competitors do either. Not only do we have the largest in-house inventory of Zebra printheads, platen rollers & belts, but we have a network of over 15 different warehouses storing inventory. Inventory is king and a great price is nothing if the Belt - 45189-2 can't ship.

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Replacing Zebra printheads in Zebra printers is a necessary evil. Unfortunately, if you print a lot of barcode labels, your Zebra printhead will eventually wear out. But, we have a free printhead program available for customers to take advantage of. If you qualify and sign up for our Zebra printhead program, you then receive a brand new genuine Zebra printhead whenever one of your Zebra printheads fails. It's a great program and can save you thousands of dollars in printhead costs.

Warranty for Zebra Printheads
Because all Zebra printheads purchased at ThermalPrinterSupplies are brand new, they ship with the full manufacturer (Zebra) warranty to help protect your investment. Every Zebra printhead comes with a full 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. This Zebra printhead warranty covers any premature printhead failure not caused by physical abuse.